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October 3, 2023 – Sustainable Winter Greenhouses
Economic and Community Development Month
The in-person (with Zoom available) meeting was opened by President Alan with O Canada.  There were 8 of 16 members present (2 on Zoom).
Alan read the Treaty 6 Acknowledgement:
We acknowledge that the Rotary Club of Camrose Daybreak is located on Treaty 6 land. This is the traditional territory and an ancient gathering place of many Indigenous peoples for thousands of years.
We recognize that we are all Treaty people and have a responsibility to become aware of our shared history, understand the Spirit and Intent of the Treaties and by doing so we can honour the past, be aware of the present, and create a just and caring future built upon Peace, Friendship, and Understanding.
Alan introduced Bonnie Cooke.  She spoke about Grateful Greenhouses and Structures Inc., a new design for greenhouses that would grow crops year-round in Western Canada:
 “Grateful Greenhouses & Structures Inc., a company born in Saskatoon with the mission of accomplishing a lifetime challenge for our country: We are the company that provides the ultimate solution for local communities in colder climate regions to grow and harvest food all year-round economically. Our motivation is to provide advanced sustainable solutions to create a healthier future with a secure source of year-round local nutrient-dense foods. This project is a life-changing endeavour for our families, our children and our grandchildren. But mostly, an opportunity to foster the local communities through agriculture and education. We are revolutionizing the Greenhouse Industry, actually turning traditional design knowledge upside down by conducting the overlooked science and common sense. Humbly, we have pioneered, discovered and redefined what a perfect Greenhouse Design is. Our journey is growing strong. From local Farmers/Growers to local communities; from generation to generation; from us to all.  Jeff Flynn - Owner and Co-founder, Greg Barry - Owner and Co-founder
Local farmers in Canada face adverse weather and seasonal challenges every year. Prairie provinces normally have a 120-day growing season. This affects their production and sourcing capabilities, creating problems that affect Local, Provincial and National economies such as: •Production affected by shorter growing season and adverse weather conditions •Environment limiting the variety of crops •Produce inventory and availability •Quality of the produce affected by crop
Grateful Greenhouses innovative design directly addresses and solves the challenges of current northern climate Greenhouses: •Capital and Operating Costs Investments •Cost of Building Materials & Transportation (Bulky) •Longevity of Building Materials •Snow & Wind Problems, and Hail Damage •Energy Costs Keeping Greenhouse Warm and Operating •Insulating & Air infiltration •Temperature & Humidity Control •Lighting for Shorter Days •Optimizing Available Solar Radiation •Optimizing Available Gifted Natural Elements for Self Sufficiency •Maintaining Environment for Optimal Plant Growth •Lack of Perfect Ratios to Optimize Designs.
Inspired by Nature's “Perfect Ratio”, our unique design is suited to grow year-round and outperform from September 21st to March 21st when farmers have a critical challenge to grow secure food sources. Designed for peak performance on December 21st while curtailing the many challenges of growing food year-round in harsh climates. The structure captures the maximum amount of energy available at the least amount of cost while incorporating customization to suit any local site objectives.
Design creates more diffuse light beneficial for plants. Our “Curved Back” is specifically designed and a key factor to capturing, reflecting and distributing more diffuse light upon the plants. Plants use diffuse light more efficiently than direct light. Fig. 1 “Curved Back” more effective at capturing, reflecting and distributing Diffuse Light within Fig. 2 Benefit of “Diffuse Light” vs. “Direct Light” distribution beneficial for plants Fig. 3 Wavelength of Light Spectrum that benefits plants photosynthesis and growth.
If you are interested in more information you can contact Bonnie Cooke at 780 608 0226.
Alan thanked Bonnie for the presentation with a Certificate denoting the vaccination of children against Polio.
Happy Bucks
Happy Bucks were given for: winning the Chase the Ace draw for the 4th time, the artist Pavlo recently at the Performing Arts Centre, the tour of the capitals of Northern Europe that his wife and daughter are on, the upcoming visit of his son-in-law and three grandchildren from Australia, their trip to Europe next week and the bumper crop from his garden (offered gifts of squash to all)
  • Little Free Libraries – we have agreed to build and install 2 libraries one on Danielle’s property and the other at Jack Stuart School.  Odell will build them.  We discussed the costs of the project and in the end agree to cover all cost except what the parent’s group at Jack Stuart want to supply.  Harry will check into the state of the LFL at Chester Ronning School.
  • Chase the Ace – the second draw is underway to the benefit of the Animal Alliance Rescue Society and The Open Doors.  Sales have been slow, the draw is October 11.
  • World Polio Day October 24 7 pm at Fox and Fable.  There will be a social event to which the noon club will be invited.  Proceeds to the ‘End Polio Now” campaign. 
  • Joint Rotary Meeting October 16 at 6 pm (moved from the 9th because of Remembrance Day).  The Speaker will be from the Camrose Primary Care Network about primary care in Camrose including explanations of the use of Nurse Practitioners. We will not have a meeting on November 17.
  • The District Governor will attend our meeting on November 7 at 8 am.
The Rotary Foundation
Rob told us about the ‘areas of focus’ that the Global Grant Program tries to support.  Three of them are: 1. Peace Building and Conflict Resolution 2. Disease Prevention and Treatment 3. Water, Sanitation and Hygiene.
We closed by singing the Four-Way Test.