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Rotary Club of Camrose Daybreak
EyeOpener October 8, 2019
Meeting of 10 members called to order 7:10 am with O Canada and Rotary Grace
Rob offered Food for Thought with a basket of bounty from his garden. Rob and Liz enjoy gardening - the smell of the earth, the work to nurture, and the amazing reward when harvesting the bounty. The garlic grows from seed his father offered 10 years ago when he thought Rob should be a garlic farmer. The red fleshed potatoes supply antioxidants. Carrots were terrific this year. Onion, squash and more potatoes made for a full basket. Cliff’s Food for Thought last week about the likelihood of ‘lab’ grown food in the future made Rob think of the joy of gardening and how it will have a place in the future – small space, personal contact with the earth and fresh real food. Rob donated Destiny’s purchase of the basket of bounty to the club.
  • The club earned a Bronze Award for last year’s ShelterBox donation
  • Youth Engagement/Rotaract discovery meeting at the Library, Thursday 10th, 6:30 pm
  • Carol has Days for Girls quilt raffle tickets – 1 for $5, 5 for $20
  • Destiny confirmed Pints for Polio Pub Crawl, November 1st – tickets, poster soon
  • Destiny and John said season’s first TV Bingo last Wednesday went well
  • Augustana is interested in gathering history, information, ideas for the future from the community. Share your thoughts or comments by emailing
  • YEG Passport club is hosting a Pints for Polio event at Odd Company Brewing on October 30th. I can provide details.
  • October 19th is National Period Day in the US. One of its aims is to draw attention to the 35 states that still charge tax on feminine hygiene products.
  • Rotary’s portion of a polio vaccination is about 60 cents. It covers transportation as vaccines are donated by governments and other organizations. Currently each donation is matched 2 to 1 by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Thus, our speaker recognition of 10 vaccinations becomes 30 through matching. Canada did match 2 to 1 but that funding was used up in 2016.
  • Vision 2020, next year’s District Conference will be at the Doubletree by Hilton West Edmonton (was the Mayfield), September 17 to 19. The club will book and pay for 4 spaces to be filled as we get closer to the event.
  • Bailey Theatre advised the rescheduled Gwynne Dyer presentation will be November 27th.
Trish drew the 4 of hearts and will provide Food for Thought next week.
Happy Bucks celebrated Disneyland, the District Conference, makeup meeting, Fairmont vacation, gardening.
Presentation: Alan provided highlights of speakers at the District Conference in Grande Prairie.
  • Amanda Lindhout – Held for ransom in Somalia for 460 days. She’s always asked, ‘How did you survive?’ She admits it’s a difficult question to answer but said you don’t know how you will respond to adversity until it happens. Her dysfunctional childhood and desire for travel and independence resulted in her pursuit of journalism in conflict areas. She described some  of the cruelty of her captivity (more detail is in her book) but explained the difficulty adjusting after her release. PTSD, phantom pains, nightmares persisted while she searched for a psychiatrist that could help her.
  • Heil Pasricha -known for 1000 Awesome Things. We live around 30,000 days. If we are happy we add 5,000 days to our life. Neil offered 3 simple ways to be happier that he gleaned from reviewing 300 papers on the topic. Do one these 20 minute activities for 20 days to make it a habit:
    • Take a 20 minute brisk nature walk at least 3 times a week,
    •  Replay – journal 20 minutes a day. Re-reading your journal gives the brain the same stimulation the original writing did,
    • Read 20 pages of fiction, in print, not on screen, at bedtime
  • Dr. Katrina Perehudoff – a former Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar, Katrrina is focussed on the cost of medications. She is working with a team developing lists of basic medications that should be widely available at reasonable cost and creating pro forma constitutional wording for governments to enact. This will give rights to citizens for basic health needs.
  • Dean Rohrs, Past Rotary VP – currently working on building Rotary in Russia. Impediments include lack of volunteer ethic and distrust of organizations seeking entry into country. A few districts have been created and the government seems to be supportive. She is also leading a look at reinventing the structure of Rotary – what will work best in the future, meet the needs of new prospects while maintaining relevance for existing members.
  • David Mead (associate of Simon Sinek) – Find Your Why suggests that while it is easy to express what you do and how you do it knowing why you do it is most important. The why you are doing it shouldn’t change dramatically. The notion we’ve been brought up with of work hard, have success, you’ll be happy has been debunked. If you are happy you will work harder and smarter and find success. Interestingly, he suggested not-for-profits should be called for impacts.
  • Aaron Bloome – an accomplished violinist and former Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar from Belgium is working on the Remembrance through Music project. His home in Flanders is on the edge of the battlefields and cemeteries of many nationalities are close to his home.
  • Mark brand, Chef to the Poor – living and having a business, Save On Meats, in East Vancouver Mark deals with the unhoused, street entrenched population in the area. Having dealt with addictions and the same living conditions he empathizes with the people in the area. Recognizing the lack of impact of giving money or gift cards to panhandlers he created tokens that will provide a meal at his restaurant. His Plenty of Plates is a funding source for his work with the marginalized. Eight or so volunteers pay an exorbitant amount to come to the restaurant, prepare, serve and clean up after a meal for 75 locals.
The conference offered networking, a comedian for Friday’s dinner and a fine meal and entertainment Saturday evening.
  • Meeting next week, Tuesday 15th, 7 am
  • Evening meeting. Monday 21st, 6 pm – presentation from Sahakarini
  • Board Meeting, Tuesday, 22nd, 7 am
  • Days for Girls service project meeting, Tuesday, 29th, 7 am
Meeting adjourned at 8:15 am with Four Way Test