Rotary Club of Camrose Daybreak
EyeOpener December 3, 2019 – Mental Health
December is Disease Prevention and Treatment Month
Today is Giving Tuesday
Alan led 8 members at 7:10 am in O Canada and the Rotary Grace to open the meeting
Odell offered Food for Thought inspired by the question of “How do Americans in the southern states rationalize Free Enterprise Capitalism with Religion?”
Arthur Simon, founder and president emeritus of Bread for the World, a citizens' lobby on hunger, which he served for almost two decades, answers this for Odell:
“Ironically, the success of free enterprise capitalism depends upon moral values, such as honesty and compassion, that are borrowed from elsewhere. Without such supporting values, free enterprise (or any other economic system) would eventually self-destruct through its own excesses. To work its magic for the economy, free enterprise needs plenty of room and not too many restraints. But to achieve public justice, free enterprise, like the urge to consume, needs to be tamed and guided. That requires a delicate balance, one that is endlessly debated, but which touches the central nerve of justice-not justice as an abstract idea, but as basic opportunity for children and others whose lives frequently hang in the balance.
“That kind of justice is an affair for the soul for each of us. But people of means have a special obligation before God to ensure justice for those who are poor and vulnerable. With greater affluence comes corresponding responsibility to make sure that a system that has been generous to oneself is also generous to others.”
  • Days for Girls had 16 people pack 350 kits in 2.25 hours last Saturday – great job, thanks. The quilt raffle won by Kim Fletcher raised $1,736. Zip-loc bags are to be phased out by March 1 as Kenya and Uganda are prohibiting plastic bags. Patterns are being made for the new transit pouch of layered cloth and water-proof material. You can donate to Days for Girls through CanadaHelps. 90% of your donation will go Camrose Days for Girls and you will get a tax receipt.
  • TV Bingo was smooth sailing last week
  • John is still looking for volunteers for the Salvation Army Kettle at Wal Mart on Saturday, December 7, 14 and 21. Shifts are noon to 3 and 3 to 6. Training is provided.
    Please help, so John doesn’t have to do it all.
  • Traditions will be Sunday, December 29 at the Johnson’s. 4204 64 Street. Let Patrice know by December 27 you are attending if you haven’t signed up.
Rob drew the Ace of Spades from the new deck and will offer Food for Thought at our December 17th meeting. He donated his windfall to Days for Girls.
Happy Bucks were offered for Frozen2 with cousin, Serena Ryder concert with dad, Days for Girls - kit success, break until new year, Augustana Mannskor choir in the chapel, donated deer, birthday, mom visiting or is it for only a week?
Presentation - Andreas Lybecker – Mental Health
We watched a video Andreas prepared after his experience dealing with friends with depression and finding out a friend died by suicide during his exchange in 2017-18 in Edmonton.
Watch the video here:
Following the video Destiny provided help line contacts and context for the issue of mental illness in Camrose and elsewhere. Personal experiences surrounding mental health issues were shared.
Destiny made the point that you can’t make a person think about dying by suicide unless they have already had the thought – so if you sense something isn’t right about someone you know, don’t be shy about asking them how they are doing. Be caring, be empathetic, be supporting.
Update from Kassia Fardoe:
Kassia our scholar at the London School of Economics sent a blog post about her first two months in London:
I made a short blog post talking about my residence and school, the main features of my life in London, and wanted to share it with you and your club! There will definitely be more in the future - including one dedicated to Rotary in London. 
These past two months in London have been nothing short of amazing, and this wouldn't have been possible without the support of Rotary, District 5370, and the Rotary Clubs of Camrose. You, and your clubs, took that first step in believing in me - and took an incredible leap of faith in supporting my application when I hadn't yet been accepted to the London School of Economics (LSE). I am so incredibly grateful, and I don't think I'll ever be able to express to what extent.
  • Joint meeting 6:00 pm next Monday, December 9th at the Casino Hotel – bring mitts, gloves, socks to donate. Christmas meditation by Fr Jacques Vaillancourt, St Andrew’s Anglican Church, and Augustana choir.
  • Board meeting 7:00 am next Tuesday, December 10th at Certified Training.
Alan led us in the Four Way Test to close the meeting at 8:00 am.