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Rotary Club of Camrose Daybreak
EyeOpener January 21, 2020 – Rotaract
January is Vocational Service Month
Rob opened the meeting, 9 members and guest Rehma, at 7:10 am leading us in O Canada and the Rotary Grace
Rob offered Food for Thought on a podcast he was listening to. The notion was that when we have a discussion, especially one to resolve a dispute, our brain has filters that select what we want to hear and shut out what we don’t want to hear. This reminded him of his father and listening to the arguments he would have – and generally always won. Getting to an age where Rob thought his father wasn’t always right, he would take on small arguments with his dad. Eventually his dad shared something he, as a judge, had come to understand – to win an argument or understand a dispute you had to listen. The best way to resolve disputes is to listen, understand the other side and use that understanding to pursue resolution. It would be a great notion to spread in today’s adversarial climate.
MOTION to donate $1,500 to Days for Girls, moved Harry, seconded Robyn, CARRIED
Sewing days – which are really fellowship, sewing, bag stringing, shield snapping and other tasks days – are at the Rotary Youth Centre, 4615 54 Street every Thursday from 4 to 8 pm and many Saturdays and Sundays 9 am to 3 pm until kit assembly day on Saturday, April 25 from 9 to 11:30 am. Check the calendar on for details.
2020 Wine and Craft Beer Survivor is underway. You can sign up to either or both islands – Wine and/or Craft Beer – individually or as a team of 5. Registration is $20 plus a $15 value wine or craft beer pack. If you want, register for $35 and the committee will purchase wine or craft beer on your behalf. 250 players are being accepted for each island. Remember you are in the game as long as at least one member of your team is still on the island. Complete rules and registration forms are attached. Sales end March 27, 2020 and eliminations happen the next week. Go to for details.
Morris drew the 9 of spades and will offer Food for Thought next week.
Happy Bucks were offered for the change in the weather, being Canadian – seeing us cope with cold, Newfoundlanders meeting blizzard with humour, living here, Hawaii vacation during cold here, (thought-provoking) Margaret Atwood The Testaments fanatics, psychopaths, etc., walking the dogs again, birthday, job anniversary, comfortable outdoor fire.
Rehma gave us an update on the activities of the fledgling Rotaract Club on the Augustana Campus.
The application for operating under the Augustana Student Association (ASA) is being reviewed for approval this week. Preliminary approval has been given and Rotaract members will be at the Augustana Club Fair on January 29th in the Forum. Work has begun on sharing their story, direction and value via social media and through posters on campus. There are 10 members already coming together to develop potential fundraisers to create awareness. Currently, 3 Australian fire recovery related organizations are being considered for support. All members are seeking opportunities to volunteer and hope to be considered when our clubs are doing a service project or are aware of volunteer opportunities. John provided the pro forma Rotaract Constitution document. As they become aware of seed funding needs, they will work with our club to address that. Rhema and Tristan (vice-president) are likely to become co-presidents to better reflect the working relationship and take advantage of each others’ strengths.
Robyn suggested Superstore was very supportive of the gift card raffle recently conducted for the library. Carol indicated Quilting from the Heart has a wide selection of quilts available for raffles.
Meeting closed at 8:00 am with Rob leading us in the Four Way Test