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With regret, we announce that TV Bingo will not be broadcast for the foreseeable future as the Eastlink studio is closed to the public. 
Our club hosts TV Bingo on the Eastlink Community channel every Wednesday evening at 7:00 pm from October to May, except around Christmas and New Years. We have carried on this project since 2008 for two main reasons: support a social activity for our players and generate funds to share in the community.
Players can purchase bingo cards for $5 at several outlets in town. Each card has grids for the 3 games that are played each night. The letter X and outside square games are each played for a $100 prize and the blackout for a $1,000 prize for a bingo within a specified number of balls. Failing a win, the game continues for a consolation prize of $100.
Club members and some former members perform the calling and verification duties. In addition to calling the balls, the caller provides topical Rotary information while winner verification is underway. There are 2 verifiers, one recording balls as they are called and confirming potential winning cards against the master log, and one answering the phone for potential winners, recording the contact information and preparing prize cheques. New for the 2019-2020 bingo season is our need to provide a person in the control room to execute the production.
Club members collect unsold cards and cash for sold cards and deliver the new series of cards to each sales outlet on Wednesday before play begins. Cash and unsold cards are delivered to our bingo accountant who logs and verifies sales, makes a bank deposit and prepares for the next week's games.
To learn more about our TV Bingo project or volunteer opportunities contact John. To apply for a community grant submit our Grant Application.