RAFFLE #25: Progressive Jackpot is OVER $12,000 with only 28 cards left. Tickets at CamroseChaseTheACE.org until 6 PM June 29th
The Camrose Service Club Group is offering a Chase the Ace Progressive Raffle. Every 2-week event will feature a deserving charity to receive a portion of the ticket sales during that event as well as also supporting our major charity - the Hospice Society. Tickets and more information is available at CamroseChaseTheAce.org. Our current Featured Charity is:
Days for Girls Camrose Team will receive 20% of ticket sales from this event to purchase supplies for kits, including: fabric, flannel, waterproof fabric, ribbon, underwear, facecloths, small soaps, snaps, and thread.
The Camrose Team that started in 2015 is part of the international Days for Girls charity that makes and supplies reusable, sustainable menstrual hygiene products to girls and women in communities around the world where obtaining these items is difficult, if not impossible. Days for Girls also provides education to the women and girls around what is happening to their bodies every month and aims to remove the stigma around menstruation that so many cultures have, making lives safer for these girls and women. For many girls and women around the world their monthly cycle prevents them from going to school or to work, and often they are banished from their villages to fend for themselves in surrounding jungle, or in unsafe structures that their grandmothers and great grandmothers built.
Volunteers in the community gather to cut out, sew, press, add snaps, thread ribbon, fold, to ultimately pull components together at a community assembly event. Camrose kits are then distributed through the Edmonton Days for Girls Team or World Vision to the countries where they are needed – almost 5,000 kits have been distributed to date.  Camrose kits have gone to Tanzania, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Guatemala, Peru, Mexico, and many other places. We don't always know where our kits are distributed, but the knowledge that these kits, designed to last 3 to 5 years, enable girls to stay in school or work every day of every month is enough.
Camrose has an awesome team of volunteers. Interested in joining the team, email CamroseDaybreak@gmail.com, or learning more about Days for Girls, check out www.DaysforGirls.org.
The Hospice Society of Camrose and District (HSCD) is excited to have been chosen as the major project recipient for the Chase the Ace Progressive raffle. 20% of ticket sales from every event in the raffle is designated for donation to HSCD. This event the spotlight is on:
Grief and Bereavement Navigator
Sometimes you just need a safe space to talk. Our Grief and Bereavement Navigator, Lori-Ann Huot, provides grief support for those in need. Huot, a trained grief counsellor, helps those who are stressed, overwhelmed, disconnected, lonely and grieving.
“This is heart’s work. My heart and soul are in this work,” said Huot.
Everyone grieves in a different way and everyone’s grief is real. If you, or anyone you know is struggling, feel free to contact our office at 780-608-0636 to book an appointment with Lori-Ann, or click on the link to read about our programs.
These are free services, but our programs operate through donations. Even a small donation can help us help others.
Thank you for your support of this fundraising and community building project of the Camrose Service Clubs Group - you are making a difference in our communities.
Learn more about our charities at CamroseChasetheAce.org
Tickets available at CamroseChaseTheAce.org
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