Call to Order
President Anna Harder.
17 Rotary Members attending.
None this week.
Breakfast next week is sausage and eggs.
We sounded quite nice singing this morning. Great acoustics here at the Jeanne and Peter Lougheed Performing Arts Centre (JAPLPAC)
John reminded everyone that the AGM is coming up and put a call out for members who would be interested in accepting an executive position on the board for the 2015/16 Rotary year. The club is also looking for a member to serve as President for the 2016/17 Rotary year. Please talk to John or Destiny regarding these positions.
There is a Days for Girls committee meeting at 12:00 on Thursday Nov 20th at CMHA.
The Salvation Army is looking for Volunteers to be bell ringers for the kettle collection stArtsing on Nov 27th. The hours run 9-6 and any block of time that you can donate is appreciated. Please talk to John for more information.
Food For Thought
Lisa’s food for thought this morning was a reminder of the Charity Check Stop taking place this year on December 6th from 12:00-4:00pm. Donations are being accepted for the Food Bank, the Secret Santa program and Victim Services. Please talk to Lisa if you’d like more information.
50-50 Draw
No 50/50 draw this week.
Judge Carol fined those of us who have yet to attend an event at the Jeanne and Peter Lougheed Performing Arts Centre (JAPLPAC).
Happy Bucks
Despite the blustery conditions, we were a happy group this morning. Happy bucks were donated for being back after touring some guests around the area, avoiding last week by going to Mexico, learning to hula hoop with a weighted hoop, improvements to back and hip, just purely happy, attended the Loaves and Fishes Sahakarini Dinner, Throwback Thursday hockey game on the 27th at the Max McLean Arena, the Augustana Community Forum X 2, and Days for Girls sewing samples.
Guest Speaker
Today our meeting was held and the Jeanne and Peter Lougheed Performing Arts Centre and we were treated to a tour of the facility. Josh introduced Stacy Beach the Volunteer Coordinator for JAPLAC. Stacy along with her husband (Technical Director) moved from Ft. Mac and are very happy to now be in Camrose.
During the tour we were able to test out some of the 572 comfy seats and were all impressed with the huge amount of leg room. Stacy toured us around the three large dressing rooms and backstage area including the space that was left to accommodate an orchestra pit in the future. Stacy talked about the excellent secondary space that can act as a standalone venue or as warm-up/practice space for performers, the amazing LED lighting system, and the fly tower solar panels.
There are currently 165 volunteers on 3 crews, the Front of House which includes ticket takers, ushers, and merchandising. Technical Volunteers who are responsible for set up and take down, and a variety of other technical aspects of productions. Technical volunteers are required to attend training sessions prior to volunteering. The third crew is Creative Resources and these volunteers are not show based, but involved in areas such as lobby decorations, manning trade fair booths, and contributing to the Newsletter.
Each month a list is sent out to volunteers via email and volunteer then provide their availability. There is no minimum number of hours required to volunteer and all orientation (other than for technical volunteers) is provided on shift.
People who are interested in volunteering are encouraged to get in touch with Stacy by email or through “Get Involved” tab of the Website