After 5 nights of eliminations the results are in for the 2020 Wine and Craft Beer Survivor games.
Thanks to all our players, organizers and sponsors - Ryan at Battle River Brewery, Trevor at Harley's Liquor Store, PJ at Dales Liquor Store and Dan at Country Garden Liquor Store - the Rotary Clubs of Camrose were able to raise over $4,500 to support organizations in need in Camrose and area.
Taking home the Wine Survivor first prize of 65 bottles of wine is the Drunken Master team. In Craft Beer Survivor the 30 pack first prize goes to Drever Agencies (surprising name for a craft beer drinking team!)..
Other teams taking home wine are second place 45 bottles I Need a Napa, third place 25 bottles Scrapping and Corking, fourth place 15 bottles We Are the Champagnes and consolation 10 bottle winners Had Me at Merlot.
Other teams taking home craft beer are second place 20 packs Designated Drinkers, third place 10 packs Beer Necessities and consolation 5 pack winners Beer Pressure.
Also, on each draw evening, a $25 gift certificate to one our sponsors was awarded to a newly eliminated player in each survivor game.
Read more for the full results.
 Rotary Clubs of Camrose   
Team #Team NameRound EliminatedOrder EliminatedPrize Placing
1Sour Grapes14822 
2Scrapping and Corked158303
3Wine not SELL with us?13614 
4Wine not BUY with us?15225 
5Second Hand Rose14923 
6Life is a Cabernet15024 
7Reisling to Live1095 
8Vegreville Winers12910 
9Cork Dorks1258 
10Mexican Malbecs682 
11Team Arechuk1227 
12We are the Champagnes156294
14I Need a Napa159312
15Wine Knots843 
16All in the Family974 
17Drinking while distancing13011 
18Zinfully Lucky13513 
19Wise Women Win Wine14016 
20Grape Expectations14117 
21Had Me at Merlot641C
22You're the Wine that I Want1269 
23Pinot Galley14620 
24Sassy Sippers14721 
25Zin It to Win It15427 
26Loose Tannins15528 
27One Love-One Heart1146 
28Drunken Master160321
30Lloydminster Taste Testers13715 
31Arizona Chicks14318 
32Viva La Vino14419 
Team #Team NameRound EliminatedOrder EliminatedPrize Placing
1Beer Pressure431C
2Beer Necessities63113
3Know It Ales619 
4Lager Sports474 
5Jagged Little Pilsner463 
6Vegreville Chuggers587 
7Designated Drinkers64122
8Drever Agencies65131
9No Winers Allowed6210 
10Bad News Beers608 
11Pour Choices442 
12Hoppy Hour576 
13A.J. Hombres525 
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