January 25, 2022 – Half Korked Winemaking Supply Store
Vocational Service Month
This Meeting was via zoom
We opened with O Canada sung by Michelle, Monique, and Michael Creber.
Odell read the Acknowledgement of Treaty 6 Land:
We acknowledge that the Rotary Club of Camrose Daybreak is located on Treaty 6 land. This is the traditional territory and an ancient gathering place of many Indigenous peoples for thousands of years.

We recognize that we are all Treaty people and have a responsibility to become aware of our shared history, understand the Spirit and Intent of the Treaties and by doing so we can honour the past, be aware of the present, and create a just and caring future built upon Peace, Friendship, and Understanding.
Guest Speaker Jackie introduced Nadine Litwin of Half Korked Winemaking Supply. Nadine has 25 years of experience as a business owner. She and partner Aaron Gruninger opened their shop November 15. They sell wine kits and wine making supplies, but they also ferment on the premises. This is a new process recently approved for Alberta. You buy a kit from them, they will do the processing up to adding the yeast—you must come in to add the yeast, they take care of the developing wine pouring it from the fermenting pail to carboy, degas it, add clearing agents, and polishing the wine. 4 to 6 weeks later you then come to bottle and label the wine using their automated equipment. Each kit makes 27 to 30 bottles. They charge $65 for fermenting in house which includes supplies, you supply or buy bottles. The wine kits include juice must, Bentonite and yeast. They range from $68.99 up to $185.99 depending on brand, where the must is from-varietal, local area, or specific vineyard. They are happy to have visitors or even events to show people how to make their own wine. Nadine was thanked and told that she would receive a certificate denoting the vaccination of 10 children against polio.
Food for Thought Dean reminded us of all the conflicts going on: Russia and Ukraine, China and Taiwan, North and South Korea. It seems to be unending. In 2020 1.3 trillion dollars was spent on the military. To feed everyone on the planet would cost 7 billion dollars and we now produce 1½ times more food than required to feed everyone. 10 times more people have died from malnutrition than have died during the world wars. He reminded us of the ecological disasters going on. He asked us to think of how many of these problems could be solved if we switched spending from the military.
Harry will offer Food for Thought next week.
Happy Bucks for: the fact he is still here, sad that Covid is still with us, the figure skating competition they were able to watch while using the walking track last weekend, the flag supplies he has been able to order (although he recently heard from one supplier who told him he had forgotten to charge him the  Alberta sales tax), cross-country skiing in Hawryluk Park with his daughter and her family, the facilities for skiing in Camrose. A remainder that dollars for Happy Bucks may be eTransferred to CamroseDaybreakTreasurer@gmail.com
Foundation Moment Rob - The original Ambassadorial Scholarship program was established in 1947 to further international understanding and friendly relations among people of different countries. Since the launch of the Rotary Grants model, the scholarships now fund study by graduate students whose career goals support one or more of TRF’s areas of focus. The funding is like humanitarian global grants, with a minimum value for each scholarship of US$30,000. Upon returning home, Rotary scholars share with Rotarians and others how their experiences have led to a greater understanding of their host country and how their career plans will relate to the seven areas of focus and spread goodwill and understanding.
We talked briefly about the latest scholarship recipient Kassia Fardoe who is a niece of a noon club member. We will see if we can contact her and ask her to give us an update. 
  • Robyn Gray’s parents have enthusiastically approved naming our scholarships in her honour.
  • The Chase the Ace Draw is tomorrow and benefits the Bailey Theatre.
  • We are still looking for a charity for our next turn at the Chase the Ace Raffle. Contact Morris with any suggestions.
  • John has ordered 100 flags, 56 poles and 96 balls.
  • Alan has heard from three members of the Victoria Harbourside Club who have a global grant with the Rotary Club of Antigua for Namaste Direct. They are interested in partnering with us when the present grant is done. Namaste Direct will have a breakout session at the Houston Convention.
  • Roy was present and gave an update on the POC Ultrasound Project with Sahakarini. They had a meeting with the regional Foundation Committee. Chris will contact Dr. Duffie to attend a meeting and answer questions.
  • The Rotary Cares Raffle sold out last Friday. 
  • Jackie spoke briefly about two students who have contacted her for help, one in Veterinary College in Saskatoon and the other, a lady from the Philippines who wants to return to the Philippines to finish medicine.
Reminders of Upcoming Events
  • February 1 Richard Weber of Canadian Arctic Holiday
  • February 8 The Amarok Society (Mothers teaching children)
  • The International Rotary Convention will be held in Houston, Texas June 4 to 8, 2022.  It is presently being planned for in-person and virtual. Consider attending. Information at RIConvention.org.
Alan led us in the 4-Way Test.