Do the words ‘gift exchange’ make you groan? Do they bring out your inner Scrooge, or tap into your latent Grinch?  Do you paste on a smile while you think silently “NO!  No more (***insert useless knick knack item here***) that I don’t need and can’t use!  Make it stop!” 
Well, this Gift Exchange is not at all like that.   This year, Daybreak Rotarians drew a fellow Rotarian's name and purchased something that that person would have enjoyed as a child – it gave us an opportunity to try and get to know each other better.   If the fun of shopping, wrapping and opening wasn't already enough, the gifts were then donated to the Kinettes Silent Santa program and will reach children in our community this Christmas whose families could benefit from a little extra cheer.
In the photos, Rotarians and Kinettes pose together with the happy results of our 2015 gift exchange.