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The Camrose Service Club Group is offering a Chase the Ace Progressive Raffle. Every 2-week event will feature a deserving charity to receive a portion of the ticket sales during that event as well as also supporting our major charity - the Hospice Society. Tickets and more information is available at CamroseChaseTheAce.org. Our current Featured Charity is:
Kids Cancer Care will receive 20 percent of this event's ticket sales to fund essential year-round programs including those at Camp Kindle. With a mission of passionate dedication to helping young people affected by cancer and their families survive and thrive in body, mind and spirit, Kids Cancer Care has been serving Albertans since its inception in 1994. Vital programs designed to meet the needs of the whole family at each stage in the child's cancer journey, from diagnosis through treatment, survival or bereavement, and beyond are delivered.
Growing from cancer camps offered at rented facilities and expanding to include other programs, Kids Cancer Care purchased a camp in 2009, renovating it to be suitable for children with cancer. Today Camp Kindle is the only pediatric oncology camp in Alberta, serving children on and after treatment, their siblings or bereaved siblings, and parents from all over the province.
Over $17 million has been invested in childhood cancer research and hospital programs since 1999, 150 post-secondary education scholarships have been awarded since 2008, and the PEER therapeutic exercise program has helped countless children per year recover from the rigors of cancer treatment on their growing bodies since 2015.
Camp Kindle hosts a variety of camp programs throughout the year. Spring family camps are weekend camps where the whole family comes to camp for a few days of connection, activities, and fun. In addition to year-round weekend family camps, summer camp weeks for kids and teens, as well as camps for the Teen Leadership Program, and bereaved families make Camp Kindle a busy place.
Learn more at KidsCancerCare.ab.ca or on Facebook.

The Hospice Society of Camrose and District (HSCD) is excited to have been chosen as the major project recipient for the Chase the Ace Progressive raffle. 20% of ticket sales from every event in the raffle is designated for donation to HSCD. This event the spotlight is on:
Men’s Cooking Circle
When Rod Krips’ wife died, he was grief stricken. To help work through his grief, Rod joined our seven-week Men’s Cooking Circle. Each week the group of men made a meal with skills learned in class, but they also shared their grief story.
“We sat in a group and chatted about experiencing bereavement and sorrow. Everything was said in confidence, and we were able to dig deep into our feelings.”
“It was conversation, camaraderie and cooking skills.”
The group, led by volunteer, David Cawley, toured grocery stores with a dietician to learn about food and get tips on making meals and shopping.
As well as joining the men’s cooking circle, Krips talked to our bereavement counsellor, checked out books from our lending library and was connected with a grief companion.
“I wouldn’t have been able to function without the help of the hospice.”
All of our programs are free, but we do rely on volunteers and donations to continue. Check out our services to see what might be right for you.
Thank you for your support of this fundraising and community building project of the Camrose Service Clubs Group - you are making a difference in our communities.
Learn more about our charities at CamroseChasetheAce.org
Tickets available at CamroseChaseTheAce.org
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