On June 6, 2012 the Rotary Club of Camrose Daybreak celebrated it's 10th year with a "Rib Tickler" - a delicious rib dinner followed by the antics of stand-up comedian, Ken Valgardson.   Posing with the cake were (past Presidents) Patrice Johnson, Harry Prest, Larry Johnson, Joy LeBlanc, (current President) Don Forestier,(and past Presidents)  Helen Samm, Gerry Lawrence and Christina Rebus.  

Current President Don Forestier had the pleasure of introducing Feyannie (Wei-Ting) Hung, the 2011-12 exchange student sponsored by our club as she gave a lovely slide presentation summarizing both her year in Camrose and the events that led her here.

Ken Valgardson's comedy struck a chord with those in attendance, particularly the teachers!  It was a wonderful evening of food, fellowship and laughter - a fitting celebration for a club that has enjoyed such success and camaraderie over this past decade.