Rotary Club of Camrose Daybreak has been supporting worthwhile projects and organizations in our City for over 16 years.  What could your organization do with some extra funds?  Follow the link in the "Take a Look" section at the top of this web page to access the application form and guidelines.  
Completed forms can be emailed to with "Application for Funding" in the subject line. 
Alternatively you can mail your completed forms to:
Rotary Club of Camrose Daybreak
Box 1515
Camrose, AB  T4V 1X4
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Leslie Stoddart and Paige Switzer managing the soup crock pots.     
President Lisa Rohr - "dishing" the dessert!
Through the month of July, Rotary is helping out at Martha's Table - ensuring that vulnerable folks in our community have a healthy meal.  Research shows that helping others boosts our immunity, diminishes pain and helps us to live longer.  We're happier when we go around making others happy!  What a win-win ... if you'd like to help out at Martha's Table, come to City Lights Church on Thursdays and someone can point you in the right direction
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President Lisa Rohr, Stacie Chalmers (Victims Services), Nora-Lee Rear (Women’s Shelter), Breanne and Alison (Open Door), Kelly Falardeau (artist, Burn Blankets for Kids), Gus Guzman.

Victims Services, Camrose Women’s Shelter and The Open Door each received 10 blankets as a result of support for Kelly’s project at the Rib Tickler in June as well as Kelly’s own generosity of giving back from each blanket sold.

Read more about Kelly's project here


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President Carol Breitkreutz (right) presents Rotarians Larry Johnson and Patrice Johnson with Paul Harris pins.  Paul Harris Fellowships acknowledge generous contributions to the Rotary Foundation - the engine behind the global good works of Rotary.  The Johnsons' lives exemplify the 4-Way Test and we are so lucky to count them as members in our Club.  Well done, Larry & Patrice! 
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The new Rotary year began in July with 2015-2016 President Destiny Reay (right) handing off the gavel to Carol Breitkreutz (centre).  Assistant Governor Ray Hook attended and helped the Daybreak Club usher in the new theme - Rotary Serving Humanity.
2016-2017 President Carol Breitkreutz Anna Harder 2016-08-23 00:00:00Z 0
Being a Gift to the World - in Camrose 2015-12-10 00:00:00Z 0
Left to right:  Carol Davies-Pedersen, Days for Girls Project Chair, Charissa Cummings, and Destiny Reay, Rotary Club of Daybreak President
Charissa Cummings of Red Deer spoke to our club about the delivery she and nine others made - a very special delivery.  These ten women packed their checked luggage with 500 Days for Girls kits and headed to Guatemala this past October. 
Through an interpreter, these women brought education on reproductive and women's health, debunked some prevalent myths and ensured that all the girls in the school, as well as their mothers, had access to sustainable hygiene through a beautiful kit sewn with love by many Canadian volunteers.  The girls and women were very receptive to the education and thankful to receive their kits. 
Charissa, a former Rotarian,  has travelled to Guatemala many times and has service connections there, particularly with Impact Ministries School and its associated projects.  She is working on laying the groundwork for setting up a sewing project there to train local girls and women to sew kits and educate the women in the villages, where access to feminine hygiene products is non-existent.
We look forward to staying in touch with Charissa as she continues to improve conditions for girls and women in Guatemala.
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On June 6, 2012 the Rotary Club of Camrose Daybreak celebrated it's 10th year with a "Rib Tickler" - a delicious rib dinner followed by the antics of stand-up comedian, Ken Valgardson.   Posing with the cake were (past Presidents) Patrice Johnson, Harry Prest, Larry Johnson, Joy LeBlanc, (current President) Don Forestier,(and past Presidents)  Helen Samm, Gerry Lawrence and Christina Rebus.  

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Posted by Dean Jarrett
 Dr. Epp, the outgoing Dean of the Augustana campus of the University of Alberta, was chosen to receive a Paul Harris Fellowship as a result of his efforts at Augustana throughout his tenure.  Dr. Epp oversaw the transition of the University from private to public institution, the joint venture of the Edgeworth Center, the development of the beautiful campus library, and the general trend to see Augustana become more and more engaged with Camrose and the surrounding community, as well as many other accomplishments.  Dr. Epp was presented the award at the morning meeting June 21, 2011 by Club President Patrice Johnson.
Dr. Roger Epp honored with a Paul Harris Dean Jarrett 0
Posted by Dean Jarrett

On June 21, 2011 the Daybreak club payed tribute to our late member Phyllis Hempel with an honorary Paul Harris fellowship.  Though her membership in the club was brief, she was fondly remembered for her benevolence, passion for community and the founding principles of Rotary.  The tribute gave club members an opportunity to reflect on Phyllis as well as her example that a generous nature needs very little time to leave a lasting impact.  Pictured are Club President Patrice Johnson as she presents the fellowship to Phyllis' husband Ken Hempel at the morning meeting.

Phyllis Hempel honored and remembered Dean Jarrett 0
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Saturday, April 30 was the date of an entertaining evening of fun for the Daybreak Rotary Club.  Coordinated by Patrice Johnson and staged at the new Home Ec. facilities at Camrose Composite High School, 3 cooking teams were assembled; Team Apple, Cheese and Oreo.  Each team had a head chef and was charged with making an appetizer, main course, vegetable and dessert in an "Iron Chef" type of format.  While Team Apple was the victor, there were certainly were no losers as the food was fantastic and fun was had by all.
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Agnes Hoveland receives a cheque for $1000 from Club President Patrice Johnson May 31, 2011.  Agnes represented the local chapter of the "Grateful Grannies", a branch of the Stephen Lewis Foundation which provides grassroots outreach and support to AID's orphans in Africa
Grateful Grannies receive donation from Camrose Daybreak Rotary Dean Jarrett 0
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Club president Patrice Johnson presents Keith Harder of Augustana University's Fine Art's Choral Program a cheque for $6000.  The club was able to generate the funds from it's primary fundraiser "Show A Little Love" dinner theatre, of which the choral students played an integral part by providing the evening's entertainment.  The cheque presentation was made at the May 31, 2011 morning meeting
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Patrice Johnson, club president presents a cheque for $6000 to Ester McDonald of Camrose Association for Community LIving May 31, 2011.  CAFCL supports the needs of some of our community's less-abled people, providing housing, help with daily activities and general support.  The funds were generated through the club's primary fundraiser "Show A Little Love" a dinner theatre event.
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On March 8, 2011, the Daybreak club welcomed former rotarians Dennis Johnson and Joel Cassidy as guests to the morning meeting.  Though no longer formally a member, Dennis was presented another Paul Harris fellowship earned through donations to the Rotary Foundation.  He also donated a second honorary Paul Harris to Joel Cassidy a dedicated community-builder and contributor to Rotary for many years.  Pictured are Harry Gaede, Foundation Coordinator, Dennis and Joel as the Fellowships were presented.

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Preparations for Show a Little Love dinner theatre in February 2011.  Balloon sales have been a significant contributor to the successful fund-raising associated with this event.  Blowing up the volume of balloons required has been a daunting task and this year was no exception.  Pictured are Dave Finlay, John Stoddard and incoming DG Larry Johnson.  Though these men were very capable, apparently Gail Stolee is the reigning champion for efficiency.
Show a Little Love Preparations Dean Jarrett 0
Posted by Dean Jarrett
Augustana Vocal students again headlined a very successful Show a Little Love Dinner Theatre Feb. 11 and 12 at the Norseman.  Reviews on their performance were excellent once again and the community turned out in droves, selling out the Saturday night performance in fact.  Funds raised (over $10 000) go to the Augustana vocal program and Camrose Association for Community Living.
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Both local Rotary, Rotaract and Interact clubs came together to celebrate Rotary Day Feb 24 at the Mirror Lake Centre.  Wine, cheese and other refreshments were enjoyed as the stained-glass piece sponsored by Daybreak and titled "Mirror Image" was inaugurated.  Mayor Marshall Chalmers pose with Daybreak club president Patrice Johnson.
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Pat Mader-Mundell (spelling?) spoke Tuesday morning March 1 regarding the work the local chapter of the Grateful Grannies is doing in support of the Stephen Lewis Foundation.  The foundation is effecting change at a local level in Africa in an effort to "Turn the Tide" in the fight against AIDS.  The focus is on the 14 million AIDS orphans in that region.
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Posted by Carol Davies-Pedersen
Daybreak Rotary provided these 4 crossing guards and paid the Bill Fowler Centre rental for the Terry Fox Run on September 19th.
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New Stained Glass Graces Mirror Lake Park Carol Davies-Pedersen 0
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A cold rainy September 19 was warmed up by community members from Camrose to fund raise for Hope School in India
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The Open Door has a Christmas Wish List of goods they like to keep available throughout the year to hand out to youths using their services. Donations of these items are most appreciated.
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